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Brad Pitt or Emilio Estevez: Picking The True Hot Stocks

If you had to invest in a movie, would go in on a film starring Brad Pitt of Emilio Estevez? If you’re like most people, you’d say Brad Pitt. He’s


The Market is Irrational, and I’m OK With That

John Maynard Keynes is widely considered one of the most influential economists of the 20th century and the founder of modern macroeconomics theory – but I don’t agree with a


Here’s the Thing About Irrational Exuberance

Harry Dent is truly an “outside-the-box,” “big picture” thinker. He’s fiercely independent. He’s the ultimate contrarian. And he tells it like it is – good, bad, or ugly. I’ve been


The Clash of Megatrends That Leaves Consumers Without a Chance

I think Dilbert is hilarious. The comic strip’s creator, Scott Adams, has incredible insight into everyday life. More than a decade ago, he showed the cartoon’s title character in a


How I’ll Escape the Madness of the Crowds This Week

Some days I just scratch my head. Tesla CEO Elon Musk overpromises and underdelivers almost every single quarter, and yet the company’s stock goes up. Is losing money on every


Seafloor Mineral Exploration: The New Gold Rush

Managing Editor’s Note: We’re just six days away from the start of this year’s Irrational Economic Summit in Nashville. Mark Gordon, CEO and President of the marine exploration company Odyssey


I Stuck With My System and It Paid Off Big Time

We’re closing in on the fifth iteration of our annual Irrational Economic Summit in Nashville, Tennessee. Like every year, it’ll function as an escape, a time to put our heads


Instead of Throwing a Single-Finger Salute at the Fed…

For the longest time now, everybody and their brother has cursed the Fed for essentially taking the “free” out of “free markets.” And there’s nothing that makes us, as investors,


Embrace Uncertainty and Discover How to Profit From It

Over the past week-plus past week, my colleagues have written about a fair number of “What If…” situations. Charles took a sober look at the possibility of nuclear war. Adam


What if Bitcoin is Fool’s Gold?

How many currencies do you carry in your wallet? OK, I’m showing my age. I actually have a wallet. And I carry it. Mostly. Inside, you’ll find a couple of