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Stay current and up-to-date with every ebb and flow of the markets, with articles from the Dent Research team. Our editors cover all markets, foreign and domestic, and all things trading, including: investment strategies, stocks, economic volatility and risk.

Readers of Economy & Markets should know the importance of investment systems. Our editors lay out several benefits of a well-defined, data-driven, and rules-based investment strategy, on a regular basis.

It’s often said in sports that “the best defense is a good offense.” When it comes to investing and stocks, this means focusing on companies that produce floods of cash and that “pay us first.”

The Dent Research team also examines the rise (and falls) of the world’s currencies, which of course includes bitcoin and blockchain, as the cryptocurrency market has taken the world by storm in a relatively short period of time.

Gold was a great standard for monetary systems up until the industrial revolution, but today, it isn’t representative of the information-based economy and it’s too costly to be a medium of exchange. But so many still hold on to gold’s value for a number of reasons, which is why our editors follow gold’s every move.

Real estate is different than other consumer sectors of spending. It’s obviously not consumable like food or clothing. But it’s not like a durable product either, like cars and washing machines. Real estate, with the exception of natural disasters or human insanity (arson, wars, etc.), tends to last forever.

Lastly, the Dent Research team covers many of the leading foreign markets, where you can learn all about the global banking crisis, China and what’s going on in many other foreign markets.

Americans Need to Move

It’s been two days since my movers met my contractors. I don’t mean a “Hey-nice-to-meet-you” kind of greeting; it was more of a “get-out-of-my-way-I’m-working-here.” My planned extrication from my old digs into my partially-renovated new home didn’t go like...

Stock Breakout? With Flat GDP Q3 and Falling Earnings Projected Ahead?

Somehow the stock market is expecting growth to re-accelerate after a disappointing 2.0% GDP growth in Q2. The only sign of such growth in the stock market is central banks lowering rates and expanding their balance sheets again. Q3 just...

Is Market Sanity Around the Corner?

I never understood WeWork. The company either purchased or took long-term leases on commercial properties. It dressed them up with Millennial-friendly details like beer taps and cool art, and then re-leased the space in very small increments for a...

Gold: The Great Diversifier

It’s no secret to you that I am still more bearish on gold than bullish. And it’s no secret to me that a lot of our subscribers still like gold and feel that it is still a safe haven...

Only 8% Regret Buying a Home… That Will Change Faster Than Ever!

There’s one thing that is always true: Most people are not good investors. They buy the most near a long-term top and they sell the most near the bottoms that follow. We have lived in a rare period since World...

Learning from a Million-Dollar Bet on the Astros

My family moved a lot when I was a kid. In our travels, we spent a couple of years near where I live now, on the Texas coast south of Houston. Back then, we lived on the beach where...

Markets Sitting Sideways

The week's gone by and markets are still doing just what I predicted: bounding forward sideways until something breaks up or down. My Money Is on down Partially because of Bitcoin and partly because of politics. What's happening in Washington cannot...

Home Price Index Moves Toward Zero … What’s Your Plan?

The real estate industry must have the best lobbyists in the country. How else can you explain that a data-driven transaction – buying or selling a home – has become more onerous, and more cumbersome. And overall more painful...

Miami the First U.S. Real Estate Bubble to Burst?

Earlier this week I read a great article by Kuppy at Adventures In Capitalism. It brought back memories of the last condo and real estate bubble in Miami… I was there. I was moving to Tampa and sold before...

A Critical Moment

We woke up today to find the markets in a critical place. Bitcoin has had a big fallout, the flashing lights are blinking. All the signs that we could be headed for a big fall are in effect. But there...
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