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Stay current and up-to-date with every ebb and flow of the markets, with articles from the Dent Research team. Our editors cover all markets, foreign and domestic, and all things trading, including: investment strategies, stocks, economic volatility and risk.

Readers of Economy & Markets should know the importance of investment systems. Our editors lay out several benefits of a well-defined, data-driven, and rules-based investment strategy, on a regular basis.

It’s often said in sports that “the best defense is a good offense.” When it comes to investing and stocks, this means focusing on companies that produce floods of cash and that “pay us first.”

The Dent Research team also examines the rise (and falls) of the world’s currencies, which of course includes bitcoin and blockchain, as the cryptocurrency market has taken the world by storm in a relatively short period of time.

Gold was a great standard for monetary systems up until the industrial revolution, but today, it isn’t representative of the information-based economy and it’s too costly to be a medium of exchange. But so many still hold on to gold’s value for a number of reasons, which is why our editors follow gold’s every move.

Real estate is different than other consumer sectors of spending. It’s obviously not consumable like food or clothing. But it’s not like a durable product either, like cars and washing machines. Real estate, with the exception of natural disasters or human insanity (arson, wars, etc.), tends to last forever.

Lastly, the Dent Research team covers many of the leading foreign markets, where you can learn all about the global banking crisis, China and what’s going on in many other foreign markets.

Insights from Tony Robbins Platinum Conference

I’ve been at the Tony Robbins Platinum Group conference all week and, despite the cold, this is one of my favorite events of the year. Attendees – who are creative, successful, fun entrepreneurs, not corporate bureaucrats – learn from...

Millennials Are Not Buying Homes Like Boomers Did

Andrea Riquier, my favorite commentator on the housing market, grabbed my attention again with her 2018 MarketWatch article entitled “Missing Millennial Homeownership Endangers the American Dream.” You can follow her on Twitter @ARiquier. She pointed to a report from the...

A Counterintuitive Reponse to a U.S.-China Trade Deal?

Midnight on March 1 was President Trump’s drop-dead date for a trade deal with China, but now that hard-and-fast spot on the calendar has become mushy. The president tweeted Sunday night that “substantial progress” has been made in talks with...

Unemployment Rate a New Leading Indicator

I’m always on the lookout for leading indicators that can give us an edge over erratic, irrational markets. There are a lot of them. Some are complicated, like the popular composite index from the Conference Board. It includes average weekly hours...

1998 to 2000 All Over Again

Do you remember what happened in the markets between late ’98 and early 2000? Well, it’s happening again. And it upsets me that so many people are going to miss it because Main Street is blasting stories of a weak market...

The Unexpected Opportunity Outside of Stocks!

I just gave my second keynote for a major, top-secret crypto conference. It was SO secret, the organizer didn’t disclose the location on the website and only let us know where to travel to at the last minute. These techno...

Where Investors Are on the Eisenhower Decision Matrix

Dwight D. Eisenhower isn’t talked about much these days, but I still think about him from time to time. The General who would be President is responsible for many things, good and bad, that continue to influence our lives. In...

What to Expect if Markets Correct Next

I hate to be so cynical, but the markets love to fool as many people as possible, bulls and bears alike. This is especially true at key turning points and even more so in extreme bubbles like the one...

Rent to Live… Buy to Rent

Did you read Andrea Riquier’s two articles on Market Watch last year about real estate strategies? Definitely worth it! The first was “The new housing play: helping priced-out renters become long-distance landlords.” It was a strategy aimed at people living in unaffordable...

Schumer and Sanders to Investors: We Want Your Money

Senators Bernie Sanders and Chuck Schumer have proposed legislation that would stop public companies from paying dividends or buying back their shares unless they first meet certain conditions. The senators aren’t worried about viability (companies are financially stable before they...

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