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Stay current and up-to-date with every ebb and flow of the market, with articles from the Dent Research team. Our editors cover all markets, foreign and domestic, all things trading, including: investment strategies, stocks, economic volatility and risk.

Readers of Economy & Markets should know the importance of investment systems. Out editors lay out several benefits of a well-defined, data-driven, and rules-based investment strategy, on a regular basis.

It’s often said in sports that “the best defense is a good offense.” When it comes to investing and stocks, this means focusing on companies that produce floods of cash and that “pay us first.”

The Dent Research team also examines the rise (and falls) of the world’s currencies, which of course includes bitcoin and blockchain, as the cryptocurrency market has taken the world by storm in a relatively short period of time.

Gold was a great standard for monetary systems up until the industrial revolution, but today, it isn’t representative of the information-based economy and it’s too costly to be a medium of exchange. But so many still hold on to gold’s value for a number of reasons, which is why our editors follow gold’s every move.

Real estate is different than other consumer sectors of spending. It’s obviously not consumable like food or clothing. But it’s not like a durable product either, like cars and washing machines. Real estate, with the exception of natural disasters or human insanity (arson, wars, etc.), tends to last forever.

Lastly, the Dent Research team covers many of the leading foreign markets, where you can learn all about the global banking crisis, China and what’s going on in many other foreign markets.

When You’re Confident, I’m Nervous

Consumers are confident. That has me nervous. In fact, they’re the most confident they’ve been in more than a decade. The Reuters/University of Michigan Consumer Sentiment Index just registered its highest reading since 2004. That should be good for the economy, right? Well,...

Real Estate’s #1 Weakness

Right now, Millennials are the largest cohort of homebuyers in America. And even though they’re waiting longer to get married, start a family, and buy a home… and they’re more likely to skip buying a starter home and opt for...

Why the Amazon Hate?

Note: I currently hold Amazon in one of my portfolios. Antitrust laws are aimed at companies that charge below-market prices (predatory pricing) to drive out competition, and then raise prices later to recoup the losses while enjoying a monopoly. Amazon doesn’t...

[Video] Harry Dent Market Update: Making Sense of the Volatility

Harry joined Economy & Markets TV's Dave Okenquist with a midday update on the markets. We’ve seen wild swings in stocks over the past six weeks. Every day brings crazier and crazier headlines that induce panic on Wall Street. The...

The Real Estate Doomsday Map

Jeff was a small business owner in New Hampshire. One Tuesday afternoon, his neighbor called… “You need to get home NOW! There’s a dumpster in your yard, a padlock on your door, and a bunch of guys are ransacking your...

Opportunity: Gold on the Move

Paper assets are struggling this year. Both the S&P 500 and 10-year Treasurys are down around 3%. Meanwhile, gold prices are on the move. Shares of the SPDR Gold Trust (NYSE: GLD) are up nearly 4% in 2018. And I’m forecasting another...

Kooky Real Estate Prices in Leading Global Cities

£593,369 – the average price of a house in London in January! (That’s about $829,000.) $1 million plus – what 400 square foot condos go for in Vancouver! $1.5 million – the cost of a median house in San Francisco! $20 million...

What if everyone had the same information at the same time…

Rodney recently wrote about the latest Facebook (Nasdaq: FB) data-mining (and data-losing) scandal. It’s a complex story, no doubt, in that it’s not just about companies tailoring ads for you – Facebook records data on your texts, your phone...

Facebook Becomes a More Attractive Buy With Each Day

I like the television show Blue Bloods, starring Tom Selleck, which I think makes me old. The show airs at 9 p.m. Central time on Friday. If I watch it at the appointed time, then I’m necessarily at home. On a...

Stay Away from This Crypto Bubble (For Now)

The crypto ship is sailing in rough seas at the moment. My advice? Stay away for now. Preserve your capital for after the major crash, and then pick winners from the bones. The bitcoin and cryptocurrency trends seem to be...