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Stay current and up-to-date with every ebb and flow of the markets, with articles from the Dent Research team. Our editors cover all markets, foreign and domestic, and all things trading, including: investment strategies, stocks, economic volatility and risk.

Readers of Economy & Markets should know the importance of investment systems. Our editors lay out several benefits of a well-defined, data-driven, and rules-based investment strategy, on a regular basis.

It’s often said in sports that “the best defense is a good offense.” When it comes to investing and stocks, this means focusing on companies that produce floods of cash and that “pay us first.”

The Dent Research team also examines the rise (and falls) of the world’s currencies, which of course includes bitcoin and blockchain, as the cryptocurrency market has taken the world by storm in a relatively short period of time.

Gold was a great standard for monetary systems up until the industrial revolution, but today, it isn’t representative of the information-based economy and it’s too costly to be a medium of exchange. But so many still hold on to gold’s value for a number of reasons, which is why our editors follow gold’s every move.

Real estate is different than other consumer sectors of spending. It’s obviously not consumable like food or clothing. But it’s not like a durable product either, like cars and washing machines. Real estate, with the exception of natural disasters or human insanity (arson, wars, etc.), tends to last forever.

Lastly, the Dent Research team covers many of the leading foreign markets, where you can learn all about the global banking crisis, China and what’s going on in many other foreign markets.

If You’re Not Watching Puerto Rico, You’re Missing a Glimpse of the Future

They lie, cheat, and steal? No way! In 2014, Puerto Rico issued $3.5 billion in bonds backed by the full faith and credit of the Commonwealth. Now the island’s fiscal managers, a group known as the PROMESA board, an entity...

Facebook’s New Cryptocurrency Probably Offers You Nothing

The dark days of 2009 now seem like forever ago. We didn’t know which banks would survive. The Fed made all banks take bailout money so that citizens wouldn’t know which ones were in trouble and then drain them of...

The Best – Most Controversial – Cycle for Better Investing

When my team first heard of this cycle, they thought I was crazy. They begged – begged – me not to publish anything about it. I did it anyway, and when people heard about it, many thought I was...

Beyond Meat: The New Tesla?

I haven’t tried a Beyond Meat (Nasdaq: BYND) burger, but I want to. With all the hype surrounding the company, and restaurants adding it onto their menus, it just seems logical to give it a test run. What’s the worst...

When Investing, Unchain from the News Cycle

A couple of weeks ago my family gathered at my sister’s house for an afternoon by the pool. At one point, my dad looked over and said, “Thanks for the investments last month. Does that one company do music?” I...

How to Harness the Second Wave Cycle

You understand how powerful cycles can be at predicting market moves ahead of time. Here at Dent Research, we’ve used them to help predict almost every major market move of the last 30 years. For example, using the power of...

The Contrarian Behind Our Best Money-Making Insights

Man! Those were the days. Greed was good. Shoulder-pads were big. Hair was worn slicked back. Surfing was all the rage and I was hooked (at least for a while). It was the 80s… and, just like me, Rodney was intent on making a...

A Profit Weapon for 2019 and Beyond

I believe the Second Wave Cycle can help you grow your wealth in the second half of 2019 and beyond. In the video Harry sent you on Monday, I described the Second Wave Cycle as a way to get into...

The Biggest Investment Mistake Harry Dent Ever Made

Just last week, Rodney Johnson, our Boom & Bust Portfolio Manager, launched an investment research service that pivots on one of my favorite things: a cycle. As we worked together to finalize the offering for readers like you, we got...

How to Avoid Hype-Burn in this IPO Mania

Given that we’re in the greatest global bubble in history, almost everything is overvalued. We’re expecting central banks to keep printing money, interest rates to stay near zero, growth to continue “into a plateau of prosperity.” Just like 1929. Dare...

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