From “King of the Hill” to Wall Street

When I usually tell people the story about how I became a financial analyst, working alongside Harry Dent, one of the most respected economists in the world, I sometimes have a hard time believing it myself.

I grew up about as far from Wall Street as you could get, in a working-class suburb of Dallas, called Garland. If you ever saw the TV show “King of the Hill,” Hank Hill’s hometown was based on mine.

Now none of my family had a financial background, but it’s actually because of my grandfather, a self-taught amateur investor, that I’m doing what I am today.

“What if I’m wrong?” he would always ask when thinking about his investments.

Yes, he was looking to add to his income, but also wanted to be smart about avoiding losses. It’s a philosophy that’s informed my investment strategies to this day, and one that I think can benefit you too… whether you’re in retirement, near retirement, or not.

In fact, that’s why I’m telling you all this, and why we went through the trouble to put together this special video for today’s Economy & Markets.

It basically lays out my life’s journey (up until this point at least) and how I ended up going from a quiet bookworm who was terrible at math to a chartered financial analyst with a Masters from the London School of Economics.

Click here to watch this free video. I hope you enjoy it (picture of my embarrassing Little League baseball card included).




Charles Sizemore
Portfolio Manager, Boom & Bust

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Charles Sizemore is a research analyst with Dent Research. His primary research focuses on income, retirement strategies and fundamentals.