Dollar Collapse

When Will the Dollar Collapse?

NewCover_Dollar-ReserveCurrencyHeretoStayIt won’t!

Although the wording has varied greatly over the decades, Mark Twain once said: “The report of my death was an exaggeration.” And this is exactly what’s happening with the dollar.

Many economists, investors and media figures run around like Chicken Little. But instead of screaming that the sky is falling, they shout that the dollar is collapsing… soon to be replaced by the yuan or the euro as the world’s predominant currency

But Harry Dent knows better than that. For months now, Harry has been cautioning readers not to fall for this irrational fear of the dollar’s demise… especially when the dollar is poised for another historic run.

Why should you listen to Harry Dent?

This is the most important forecast from the Harvard-educated business strategist and best-selling author who predicted nearly every major boom and bust of the last 25 years. For example…

In his 1989 book, Our Power to Predict, Harry foretold of the collapse that hit Japan’s stock and real estate markets in 1990.

Then in The Great Boom Ahead, he predicted America’s completely unanticipated boom at the end of the 20th century.

In February of 2000 — at the exact moment the tech bubble peaked — he released an alert to his readers, warning them to get out of Internet stocks.

Almost six years later, in late 2005/early 2006, he warned that the U.S. housing market was nearing its peak.

Finally, in 2011 — months before the euro zone crisis began — he sounded the alarm of the coming European fiscal nightmare.

Each time, the “experts” said he was wrong. Each time, he was exactly right.

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Although the yuan and euro have been strengthening for years, the dollar remains party to more than 80% of international trade finance transactions. That’s four out of every five!

By contrast, the yuan and euro are each party to less than 10% of such transactions. And this is happening while China and Germany are leading the developed world in terms of economic growth.

But there’s much more to it…

In his exclusive report, Dollar: The Reserve Currency is Here to Stay, Harry Dent details all the reasons why the dollar’s position as the global leader is in no danger of being threatened during our lifetime. Perhaps more importantly, he explains how you can profit from dollar dominance in the years to come.

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Dollar: The Currency is Here to Stay

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