Eleven years.

That’s how long it took Mexicans, living in America, to pack their bags.

I come to this conclusion after comparing two long-term charts. First, here’s the Dow Jones Industrial Average from 1930 to 2000.


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The U.S. economy and stock markets seemed infallible from 1985 to 1999. That promise of endless opportunity pulled Mexicans north.

But then the dot-com bubble popped between 1999 and 2000, forming the down-turning “hook” you see in the chart above. This was the first sign of a shifting tide in the U.S. economy.

Now look at this second chart. This is the Mexican-born population in the U.S. since 1850. If this doesn’t look like an exponential growth “bubble”… and just like the Dow Jones chart above…

Notice the same hook, on an 11 year lag?


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Of course, the majority of Mexican immigrants working in the U.S. don’t follow the stock market day by day. That’s why they didn’t leave in 2000 after the first sign of weakness.

Instead, these immigrants continued to work hard and send money home, even as the U.S. economy struggled. But after toiling away for a decade, many Mexicans are now asking: “What American Dream!?”

Time will tell whether that dream is still alive and alluring. But for now, Mexicans are looking for greener pastures, at home.

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