We have an annual Irrational Economic Summit every year and guess which speaker gets a standing ovation every time

David Stockman.

I hate to admit it, but it hurts my ego a bit!

He is irreverent.

He is controversial.

But what I like the most is he deals in real facts.

He’s the only person I don’t have to correct on facts and history… and that I learn valuable new information from.

In fact, I’d go as far as to say that I’m probably one of only a handful of people who read his 712-page book – The Great Deformation – cover to cover. And it was damn good. Period! I could not put it down and read it straight through in four days!

Besides all that…

He’s the best partner to my research on demographic, geopolitical, and technology cycles.

This is a guy I encourage you to listen to. He’s not an academic. He has had real-life experience in the financial and political realms – both in government, at the highest levels, as President Ronald Reagan’s budget director from 1981 to 1985, and in the private sectors of Wall Street.

This makes him the best at bringing to the table that critical geopolitical angle. No one is better at that, including experts like Ian Bremmer or George Friedman.

The key difference between those other guys and David is he understands bubbles and governments’ “something for nothing” stimulus policies that pervert the very free market system. Combined with democracy, these policies have made us rich beyond imaging since the late 1700s.

He just gets it, like no other expert I have seen.

I track about a dozen newsletters to amplify my in-depth research in my unique arenas. But Stockman’s is my number one read, as he is my wife’s. The quickest way to a fight in our house is for me to forget to forward his stuff to her!

Now he’s embarking on his latest ambitious project: a movement to expose the dirty lies and dangerous plots that threaten to harm our country. He’s calling it Deep State Declassified.

Every day he’s going to expose the truth for all to see.

He can do this because of his past experiences in government and on Wall Street. And because he has no interest in being elected so he doesn’t have to pander to special interest groups.

This is someone you need to listen to. (Note that when you click on that link, you’ll automatically be subscribed to Deep State Declassified. You can unsubscribe at any time, but I doubt you’ll want to.)

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