The big news this week is that Europe came in weaker than expected. China’s already been weakening, but everyone expects that. After all, you can’t really trust the big reported numbers from the Red Dragon because they overstate things.

But Germany?

Germany just reported a decline in December retail sales of 4.3%!

Year over year in 2018, retail sales have declined 2.2%.

It shows that their consumer sector, which is driven by demographics, is weakening.

Most people don’t see that. We’ve seen this coming for decades.

Then there’s Italy. It fell into a technical recession… and I explain what that means and why you should care in today’s video. Listen now.


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Harry Dent
Harry studied economics in college in the ’70s, but found it vague and inconclusive. He became so disillusioned by the state of the profession that he turned his back on it. Instead, he threw himself into the burgeoning New Science of Finance, which married economic research and market research and encompassed identifying and studying demographic trends, business cycles, consumers’ purchasing power and many, many other trends that empowered him to forecast economic and market changes.