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Most people don’t like public speaking. Neither do I. All the tricks you’re told, like picturing the audience in their underwear? They don’t work. That one in particular is the worst as it can be very distracting.

I have found a solution to the anxiety though – know your material.

Own it.

Make it part of who you are.

That’s why I will thoroughly enjoy the next two days… I’m leading our semi-annual conference here at the Renaissance International Tampa Plaza Hotel, where we get to talk through the most important economic events and trends of the day!

So far, things are going perfectly…

We started this morning with a little background talk to get the minds going. I reacquainted people with Keynes and Hayek and what they were actually talking about.

Then I moved onto explaining the greatest force in our economy today – the Fed – and presented a breakdown of what it can and CAN’T do.

By break-time, the conversations were all about the true movers and shakers in our economy – consumers. What we buy… when we buy… and most importantly, why we buy.


This is half of the secret combination of ingredients that investors and business owners use to chart their way forward. They get the second half tomorrow. (And you can get both halves by pre-ordering the audio recording we’re making for those who couldn’t attend. We’re only making a limited number of these recordings available so be sure to get your name on the list for your copy now. Fill in your details here.)

As the afternoon progressed, progressed I could see Aha! moments dawning on the audience left, right and center. For some, it was the 46million people on food stamps fact that did it. For others, the fact that we’re moving to a two-tier wage system, where younger workers get paid less than half for the same work. People are getting it! (Looks like the market is getting it too.)

We talked about the largest commitment for most families – their homes – and what lies ahead for this market. Harry and I are convinced – because our research is utterly compelling on this point – that the real estate market is not yet done bottoming.

The audience reaction was one of disbelief, then surprise… then more Aha! moments. If for no other reason, this part of the conference is worth getting the audio tapes for. Again, you can pre-order your copy here.

Finally, before Harry stepped on stage to jazz things up, I illustrated just how our nation continues to change as people enter and exit… and move from place to place.

Then came Harry. He’s last up for today…

True to form, he is being outrageous. While I type up these notes from the podium, Harry is giving his 90mph tour of the world. He started with his view of what’s on the horizon. Now he’s working in his forecast of what cycles will prevail in equity and commodity markets (this is great stuff… another reason to order your copy of the audio right now).

If you have ever heard Harry live, then you know what this presentation sounds like.

Later, once we’ve given people more than they can possibly think about in one day, we’ll all gather for the cocktail reception to recap the highlights and fill the gaps. I can almost hear the conversations around the canapés already. If the break-time conversations are anything to go by, tonight it going to be exceedingly stimulating (and exhausting).

I’ll be back tomorrow with more notes and insights from the podium. ‘Till then, Harry’s getting quite heated… (you’re going to want to hear this.)


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