Should you invest in pharmaceutical companies that combat contagious diseases? Is the euro holding its own against the dollar? We’ve got your answers right here.

It’s day two at the Irrational Economic Summit at the Loews Hotel in Miami. The weather is phenomenal, Dent Research Network members enjoyed an early breakfast and Q&A with David Stockman and the stage is set for a full day of presentations.

First, I promised to tell you about Stockman’s presentation and the panel discussion he did with Harry and Rodney yesterday. It was fascinating. Stockman detailed why Russia is no threat to the global markets and why it has a second-rate economy. He described China as an unstable house of cards that will fall apart… perhaps not tomorrow, but it will collapse.

I wish I had the space to tell you everything here, but I don’t. Still, you can hear every word Stockman said and the questions he answered from at least 10 attendees by registering for On-Demand access at the top of our page. When you do, you will receive exclusive and unlimited access to every valuable piece of information presented at IES… which you can watch from any device at any time, from anywhere. This offer does have a deadline, so don’t delay.

Our own Adam O’Dell, of Cycle 9 Alert, set the benchmark for the day by opening up the presentations. He detailed a three-pronged approach to investing and the essence of trend-following… and then he shocked the audience with his view of the soon-to-be safest place for you and your money.

Then as Adam left the stage, a man in a hazmat suit walked on…

Can you imagine the reaction in the room? Sharp intakes of breath swept from one side to the other. And that’s how Alan Hall of the Socionomics Institute began his presentation. His slides delved into history and the occurrences of disease outbreaks and their correlation with the stock market.

He too offered a statement that shocked everyone into silence. Two, in fact. One was that bear markets happen during epidemics. Did you know that? Then he went on to make some pretty fantastic correlations between social mood, market activity, diseases… and terrorist activities! And the charts he showed leave little room for argument.

It’s so frustrating not to be able to pass on all the information we’re listening to here at the summit. And even with these updates, it’s just overwhelming. I’m typing as fast as I can but the rest you’ll have to get via On-Demand access, which you can register for at the top of the page. Keep in mind that you’ll also have access to the speakers slide presentations and that’s a pretty sweet perk.

Todd Ryden, CEO of FNEX stepped up next and while Alan was a pretty hard act to follow, Todd’s presentation was impressive. His pointed remarks regarding why our market isn’t sustainable and the harsh economic times the demographic sector of 18-34 year olds are facing was nothing if not grim.

When he was done, Ryden passed the microphone to Chris Gaffney, CEO of Everbank who focused on the one thing everyone here is interested in: protecting their money. He spoke of the pitfalls found in the euro zone and the three key points that central banks are attempting to fix (and manipulate).

And that was all before lunch!

The afternoon presentations included Barry Potekin, VP of Rutsen Meier Belmont Group, Gordon Chang, author of The Coming Collapse of China and then Don Hosmer, President of Royale Energy. But seeing as I’m writing this while trying to grab a bite to eat, I’ll fill you in on the rest tomorrow, as well as on a number of fantastic workshops that are already filled to capacity.

Be sure to tune in tomorrow for more on what’s going on here at the Irrational Economic Summit.

Your conference insider,

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Liza Flores

P.S. The deadline for registering for access to On-Demand is Monday, October 20 at midnight. After that, it will never be accessible again. So don’t on the banner at the top of the page.


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