Remember when you went to your first music concert? You felt the excitement of the crowd and then that rush of energy when the star takes the stage.

That’s exactly how it felt in the hours before the 2nd annual Irrational Economic Summit opened its doors earlier today. And to see the hundreds of attendees gathered here at the Loews Hotel in Miami, preparing to get the latest strategies from renowned economists and the experts from Dent Research (our stars), is simply… impressive.

From the chatter at registration, attendees have come from all over the U.S. and the world! And once the lights were dimmed, there wasn’t an empty seat in the house. (In fact, I had to ask the hotel for an extra chair that I could sit on.)

Still, we know that not everyone could make the trip and for those not with us in Miami: We’ll miss you. But we feel that the information being shared over the next three days is important, so we’re making On-Demand access available. Register now so you can experience summit in the comfort of your own home or office, from any device, at any time. As soon as we have your go-ahead, you’ll receive access to an exclusive URL that will allow you to watch every moment of these three days.

And from the crowd’s reaction, this is something you don’t want to miss. They really welcomed Harry when Rodney presented him and what he had to say about our economy will come as a shock to some…

When it comes to demographics and the bubble our economy is in, it’s very simple. As Harry said earlier:

The Fed cannot continue fueling this bubble because when it bursts it will do so violently.”

Scanning the crowd in the room, there were nods of agreement and note taking.

Now, the thing to understand is that when Harry takes the stage, he has a commanding presence and his connection with the audience is immediate. It’s like having him sit down in your living room. He speaks right to you and to the concerns all of us have when it comes to our money.

So when Harry explained why the next several years look so grim, everyone in the room began nodding.

Speaking about money, that was the topic of Rodney’s interesting presentation on the dollar. Contrary to popular opinion, the U.S. dollar is gaining in strength and it will continue to do so. And Rodney knows why. As he said, when you take a closer look at the manipulation of central banks in the euro zone, it’s no surprise that they are in the deep economic crisis they are in today.

The sharing Rodney and Harry did in the initial part of today’s conference was eye-opening. They covered everything from…

  • The triggers that will unleash the next crash.
  • Where to next for the housing market.
  • What’s really tying the Fed’s hands in this economy.
  • Why knowing the definition of a reserve currency is important.
  • The trade of the decade you should make now.

And so much more. This is stuff you need to hear, and from the lively discussions during the coffee break, I’d say the attendees couldn’t agree more.

As I was wrapping up your issue for today, David Stockman was getting ready for his presentation. I’ll give you more details on what he said tomorrow, so watch out for that.

Even with these updates throughout this week, there is just too much information to pass along in a timely manner. I’ll do what I can though. The rest you’ll have to get via On-Demand access, which you can register for at the banner at the top of our page.

I’ll start off tomorrow’s update with the undoubtedly phenomenal presentation David Stockman is about to make.

Until tomorrow… wish you were all here.

Your conference insider,

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