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I am excited about our Irrational Economic Summit this week. It’s in one of my favorite places: La Jolla, California. We’re expecting more than 320 subscribers and readers to attend.

In the past we only offered small, live conferences for the members of our Dent Network. In April this year we opened the door a crack so others could see into our minds.

The response was overwhelming so we’ve expanded the concept from a day and a half to three days – that’s right, we doubled the time we’ll spend with attendees – and we’ve exploded our speakers from just Rodney and me to over 12 masterminds, all of whom are itching to give you as comprehensive a view as possible on the likely scenarios ahead, and the accompanying business and investment opportunities.

As for me, I see a major crash ahead… one that will very likely start in early 2014 and I have many reasons for believing this…

Think the China bubble.


Southern Europe and Spain’s continued depression.

Northern Europe’s excruciatingly slow recovery.

The B.S. real-estate recovery here in the U.S.

We’re not short of possible triggers to set off the next avalanche and, of course, we’ll continue to monitor the situation and update our readers in Survive & Prosper, Boom & Bust and the Dent Forecast as we move forward.

But what we’re doing at our Irrational Economic Summit is giving you a kind of state of the union.

We’re bringing those 12 great minds together to cover all the bases, from the demographics and macroeconomic outlook to technology trends to investments in stocks domestically and globally, real estate and commodities… you name it, we’ve got it covered this week.

These are men and women who Rodney and I hand-picked (with the help of our team at Dent Research of course) to give you the fullest view of the unprecedented opportunities in the worst economic cycle since the 1930s.

As I’ve immortalized in the subtitle of my newest book – The Demographic Cliff, out January 2014 – we want you to survive and prosper in the Great Deflation of 2014 – 2019.

The speakers on the macro economic outlook will be me, Rodney, George Gilder, and Lacy Hunt. You know me and Rodney but you may not be as familiar with George, so here’s a brief introduction.

George, who’s speaking at on Wednesday at 4 p.m Pacific, just published a book called Knowledge and Power and it’s my favorite book of 2013. He was the technology guru from the early 1980s into the glorious tech boom and on into early 2000.

He, more than any other author I know, understands how critical radical entrepreneurs are to our progress… and why failure is more important than success in the innovation process.

Governments are preventing such failure with their idiotic endless-stimulus programs. They’re perverting the very free-market system that has enabled our success.

But despite all their efforts, new technologies are coming down the pipeline, and during the downturn ahead they’ll overturn the demographic, environmental and bureaucratic challenges of the last boom.

That’s why we need failure!

George is a rare genius and will give you insights into these new technologies ahead.

Lacy Hunt, who’s speaking on Friday morning at 9:45 a.m. Pacific, is a real-life fixed-income manager at Hoisington Investment Management, which has a great newsletter. He’s also my favorite economist in the U.S.

He understands better than anyone how debt and asset bubbles form once in a lifetime and then deleverage with not just falling money supply and deflation, but with a collapse in monetary velocity.

This is why unprecedented money printing has not created substantial inflation. And it’s what will make the gold bugs – despite their very astute analysis of the debt crisis – wrong. Gold will fall in the years ahead, not rise to $5,000 per ounce.

On the real-estate front we have Phillip Anderson all the way from Australia.

Several years ago I read his book The Secret Life of Real Estate. It was the best and most comprehensive book I have ever read on this subject. It goes way back in history and identifies an 18- to 20-year cycle in real estate.

Granted, Phillip is more bullish than I am on the property market’s prospects in the near term. I think central governments cut short the real estate crash. But I also think there’s another advance coming and Phillip’s historical perspective is invaluable.

Besides, we don’t like to surround ourselves with people who agree with everything we say. We want our peers to disagree a bit with us, if their logic and analysis is sound. No question with Phillip that his logic and analysis is sound and well worth listening to!

So is Doug Lodmell, who is a high-end financial advisor on capital preservation and tax planning. I did a great interview with Doug a little over a year ago about why deflation is much more likely than inflation in the years ahead. And unlike so many of his peers, he got it. He understands the dangers ahead and what he has to say is invaluable.

Then there’s Sally Hogshead.

I saw Sally speak at a Dan Kennedy conference on direct response marketing earlier this year. And Sally was a standout.

She has a breakthrough system for showing you how the world perceives you and how to communicate, position yourself and manage better based on this.

I highly value many aptitude tests. I took enough of them in high school to get a clearer idea of where I was meant to focus in life. But Sally’s test is unique. It looks from the outside in, not the inside out.

Josh Jenkins and Mark Galasiewski are also joining us this week.

When I spoke at a Tony Robbins Platinum conference in March in Whistler, Canada, I had the pleasure of hearing several speakers who impressed me (and I’m not impressed easily). Josh was one of them.

He focuses on how more everyday investors can access the advantages of insurance-based investment strategies for deferring or avoiding taxes. Remember, in the Winter Economic Season we’re moving through right now, taxes are only going to go up dramatically on the more affluent households. So the intel Josh has is invaluable.

Josh also has strategies that allow you to protect your capital while still being invested.

Mark was also in Whistler and was the second man there to impress me. He uses Elliott Wave patterns of stock analysis, which I highly value and use myself from Robert Prechter at the same firm. The difference is Mark focuses on Asia, the most dynamic region of the world with the greatest potential in the decades ahead.

My question to Mark at the conference will be this: At what levels would you see China’s market facing danger again? As you know I think China is in the greatest bubble in modern history… and it’s set to burst. I look forward to hearing what Mark thinks.

In short, we have many speakers who will present attendees with strategies they can use in real estate, stocks and commodities. Teresa, as your conference insider, will do her best to share as much as she can with you about the goings on for the rest of the week.

We’ll also be tweeting regularly throughout the summit, so follow the conversation at #DentSummit.


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