Income Starved Investors are Flocking to PIF’s

This Little-Known Investment Creates An Automatic Income Stream

Most retirees (or people planning for retirement) are pinching pennies, fearing their nest egg will run out too soon…

Or they’re scratching out “a living” on meager Social Security benefits of $1,300 a month.

But a savvy group of income seekers has been using an “Automatic Income Calendar” to create a constant cash generator that can last the rest of their lives… and even beyond.

Instead of cutting back or waking up each day worrying about money, these folks are planning dream vacations, buying getaway homes, spending on grandkids and relaxing.

According to retirement expert Charles Sizemore, this automatic income is coming from what he likes to call “Private Income Funds.”

In his just released video presentation, Charles details why these Private Income Funds are much SAFER, much more accessible and a far more potentially lucrative way to create a steady income stream that automatically flows directly into your account, month… after month… after month…

In fact the Wall Street Journal has reported that what Charles refers to as Private Income Funds or PIF’s, “… can offer terrific opportunities for the shrewd. Some people who snapped them up during the 2008 crash… have doubled or even tripled their money – sometimes with minimal risk.”

Barron’s said that “Private Income Funds,” “are created to generate steady cash flows for investors.”

Editor’s Note: It doesn’t matter if you rely on just two paydays a month… one Social Security payment… or quarterly checks from your investments… you could add 9 additional paychecks to your monthly income…

Using these funds, investors are on their way to solving the problem of running out of money before, during, and after they retire.

And just to be absolutely clear, Charles explains, “These are not annuities. These folks haven’t given every dime they have to some insurance company where it no longer “theirs’ for 30+ years. With ‘Private Income Funds,’ your principal is tucked away in your own investment account, where you can keep an eye on it, and where only you can touch it.”

In fact this newly released video , initially released to a private audience, has gone viral as hundreds of thousands are looking for access to this just released 2017 “Automatic Income Calendar”  You can access the full calendar, free of charge, on his website right here…

Editor’s Note: This little-known income booster could deliver you over 100 paychecks “automatically” by December 31st. See the dates your checks could arrive here!