Shocking Link Between Orgasms and Stock Market Success Revealed

 shutterstock_343653155The stock market and… orgasms.

What sort of connection could these two things ever possibly have?

According to the latest report released by renowned Harvard economist and demographics expert Harry Dent… more than you think.

After 35 years of studying the long-term economic impacts of demographics, Dent turned his attention to cracking the bubble code… why they form and how investors can profit by spotting them.

His big breakthrough happened when he stumbled across a little-known 1950s study on the human sexual response cycle by William H. Masters and Virginia E. Johnson.

roaring 20s

“I saw the Masters and Johnson chart on orgasms and it looked exactly like the bubbles I was currently studying,” says Dent. “I decided to super-impose their chart on top of dozens of different bubbles…The roaring 20s bubble, Japan’s stock market in the 90s, the tech bubble in 2000… every single one looked like an orgasm.”

Most financial bubbles tend to follow the male orgasmic cycle – an extreme boom with only one peak followed by an intense bust, and then a prolonged wind down.

But what about the female orgasm cycle, which has multiple peaks before finally crashing?

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Dent warns that the 2000 and 2008 bubbles are actually just smaller peaks inside of a much larger and long-term bubble… and once it finally bursts, the fallout could be devastating.


Yale professor and Nobel Laureate Robert Shiller recently told The Financial Times: “It looks to me a bit like a bubble again, with essentially a tripling of stock prices since 2009 in just six years and at the same time people losing confidence in the valuation of the market.”

According to a recent article in Wired: “A full 73 percent of [venture-backed] founders surveyed answered yes, we are currently in a bubble.” And Douglas Peebles, who oversees more than $200 billion at AllianceBernstein Holding, LP as Chief Investment Officer of Fixed Income, has said: “I’m not allowed to call this one a bubble yet, but I actually think we’re in a bubble, sorry.”

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“After seven years of artificial stimulus, courtesy of the Fed and other central banks… world markets have bloated into more epic bubbles while economies continue to slow.” says Dent. “The only way to reignite growth now is for the global economy and all stock markets to endure a painful burst… to wipe the decks clean… to reset. And we’re due for exactly that.”

Dent warns that when this bubble reaches its climax and finally pops… we could see the Dow collapse to 6,000 in early 2017 before it finally stumbles all the way down to 3,300.

Dent’s controversial forecast might sound extreme, but this isn’t the first time he’s made a call like this… and been right.

Every single one of his on-the-money money predictions… like the demise of Japan in the early 90s… the top of the tech bubble in 2000… the real estate crisis in 2008… and his most recent call of the 2011 peak of gold and silver prices… have been met with vocal opposition from the mainstream media.

“I believe that the next five years will be the most extraordinary in economic history,” says Dent. “By the end of it, millions of Americans will be a lot poorer. But a savvy few could be much, much richer.”

For the complete story on Harry Dent’s latest forecast… and the full details on the strange link between orgasms and the future of the stock market . . . click here now. 

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