You Won’t Believe What The Fed Just Did

The Federal Reserve’s recent decision to delay raising interest rates has proved three important things…

Central Bankers are out of ideas, their experimental economic policies aren’t working, and things are beginning to spiral out of control.

Not only have the Central Bank’s massive quantitative easing programs and negative interest rates failed to create any meaningful inflation… they’ve actually made things worse.

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The Bank of Japan has bought $800 billion in assets annually since late 2014 and adopted negative interest rates…but inflation hasn’t trended higher and the Yen has strengthened more than 15% against the dollar this year.

In a surprising reversal of opinion, the European Central Bank recently warned that negative interest rates could cause banks to reduce lending to the economy: The opposite of what the ECB intended

And according to a recent interview featuring Harvard economist Harry Dent, their years of failed policies have inflated one of the biggest global bubbles in history… and it’s dangerously close to bursting!

“The people running our country today are living in a fantasy world – and if you’re not careful, YOU and millions of other everyday Americans will pay the price,” says Dent.

“It’s thanks to their dangerous and downright damaging efforts that the inevitable depression has gotten even more extreme”

How extreme?

It could be the worst economic crisis since the Great Depression.

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The Dow will drop to 6,000 — and eventually stumble all way down to 3,300.

Gold will crumble to $700/oz when deflation sets in… and then down to $450 from there.

Everyone — from the ultra-rich to everyday investors — will get wiped out if they’re not prepared!

Dent’s forecast most certainly goes against popular opinion, but this isn’t the first time he’s made a call like this… and been right.

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Every single one of his on-the-money money predictions… like the demise of Japan in the early 90’s… the top of the tech bubble in 2000… the real estate crisis in 2008… and his most recent call of the 2011 peak of gold and silver prices… have been met with vocal opposition from the mainstream media.

But his research also shows that this historic downturn will also create the single greatest wealth-building opportunity of our lifetime.

Investors who see this crash coming and prepare accordingly… they could make a fortune that will last them the rest of their lives in just a few short years.


To watch Harry Dent’s latest — and highly controversial — interview… click here now!