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If you like our daily content, check out some of our infographics! The Dent Research team covers a variety of topics from commodities to real estate, markets, the economy, gold, interest rates, entitlements and everything else in emerging markets. Our growing infographic library showcases some of these topics in image format. Check back every month, as we update this page every month to keep up with emerging trends.

The Demographic Pandemic Sweeping Across the Globe

All developed nations are at risk of collapse – social & financial pressures are leading us to one place: Collapse. To learn more, read our latest infographic!

How to Survive (& Thrive) the Great Gold Bust Ahead

Learn why the precious metal is doomed for $700 an ounce…receive Harry Dent’s new eBook FREE!

Harry Dent’s Fixed Income Trade of the Decade

That day the doom mongers warned us about…is finally here. Harry Dent predicted the next economic collapse and it is finally happening. To learn how to profit in the face of economic downturn, learn about our fixed income trade of the decade here.

The Next Captains of Consumption

The Baby Boomers have driven the U.S. economy for decades now. But there is a new generation stepping up to take their place: The Millennials. What will they spend on? What impact will this have on our economy, and how will we benefit from it?

Interactive Spending Map

Click View More for the full interactive map!

Collapse of the American Super Cities

The U.S. real estate market is going to CRASH! To find out what is driving housing prices higher – and what will cause them to collapse – take a look at this infographic now.

Our Power to Predict

We are now in the Economic Winter Season of an 80-year cycle. Here you can see how the spending patterns of the biggest, richest and most powerful generation ever have impacted our economy.

Beware The Red Invasion: 7 Reasons China’s Wealthy are Abandoning Ship & What that Means for the U.S

China has set itself up as the ultimate trigger for the coming global crash. Learn why in this infographic…and discover the implications this has for the U.S.!

The Fracking Industry’s Impending Collapse

With oil prices hovering around $50 a barrel and set to drop, we face a home-based crisis bigger than the subprime debacle or anything that came before it. The time to protect your assets is now. Learn what you can expect here.

The 5th Convergence

An economic unraveling that has repeated itself four times over the last 179 years…Will soon leave a hole in the markets three times larger than the 2008 Collapse…

The Gloomy Outlook For The Global Economy

An infographic showing demographic cliffs around the world, according to world renowned economic forecaster Harry Dent and his team of market experts. What are the anticipated decreases in consumer spending by country, due to aging populations? Learn more here!