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This Could Crash 95% This Year

There are two types of stock bubbles – normal stock bubbles of five years or so and shorter-term, more extreme bubbles – and we’re currently in the midst of both


Where to Put Your Money in 2018

It seems I find myself in a bit of a conundrum. I write a newsletter, Peak Income, dedicated to finding profitable income investments at a time when bond yields are


Only Start a College Fund If…

Nothing – and I mean nothing – will change your life as dramatically as the birth of your first child. It’s a wonderful moment and one that I hope everyone


Try a New Approach for the New Year

I love a good New Year’s resolution. It’s not so much about specific goals, for me. It’s about the opportunity to reflect on what’s gone well in the last year,


Who Will Pay the Tickets for Self-Driving Cars?

My little neighborhood in southeast Texas is the epitome of a small town. Most of the city lies on a man-made island, created by cutting a boat channel through a

Interest Rates

What’s Up for 2018? Inflation and Interest Rates

Here we are in the first week of 2018! As I mentioned in my last Economy & Markets article, I usually focus on short-term overreactions in the Treasury bond market


6 Reasons to Bet on the U.S. Dollar in 2018

I love the gold bugs! They’re steadfast in warning that you can’t live on perpetually-expanding debt… or money printing… or zero interest policies. Mainstream economists have been lulled into believing


Bitcoin Isn’t the Bubble It’s the Pin!

I wish I could take credit for that perfect description of Bitcoin, but I can’t. That goes to JP Research. This Bitcoin bubble will be the “pin” that bursts the


An Epic Year

What an epic 12 months it’s been! I’m not talking about Trump, natural disasters, or the Bitcoin bubble. I’m talking about 10X Profits! We launched this service, originally under the code


Bitcoin’s Downside: Know the Risk Before You Plunge In

On Tuesday, I showed you how the bitcoin bubble looks a lot like the internet bubble that inflated in the final phase – the orgasm – of the great tech