You, dear reader, have a “pension.” And I use those air quotes intentionally because it’s likely not the gold-watch-and-guaranteed-monthly-payments-until-death variety… those have all but gone the way of the dodo bird.

And that’s a good thing, because you, as the manager of your pension, have more options… options that give you the freedom and flexibility you need in today’s volatile market.

The problem is, most pensioners are unaware that many of the pension funds responsible for making their retirement payouts are explicitly prohibited from putting money to work in particular investments.

And while I can’t say for sure which pensions prohibit which investments (they vary by plan), I do know that pension fund managers are leaving a lot of money on the table… when they see potentially profitable investments that they’re prohibited from buying, they look the other way or sit on their hands instead of finding a better way.

Now, these restrictions and prohibitions are written out in any pension fund’s plan… but most investors fail to read the fine print, assuming they have a traditional defined-benefit plan at all…

You see, in 1979, 28% of private sector workers had a defined-benefit pension plan – the kind that pays retirees a set monthly payment until death. Back then, these plans outnumbered all other retirement plans.

Today, just 3% of private sector workers are offered a traditional pension!

The message, from employers to employees, is clear: “Do it yourself! Go it alone! Don’t make your problems my problems.”

And that’s a problem because, despite the widespread acceptance of 401k and IRA plans, most saving-for-retirement investors have no idea HOW they’ll ever earn and save enough to last through their golden years. So, under-informed and confused, most turn to stocks and bonds as their only perceived means to achieving that all-important goal of outliving one’s money.

But investing in stocks and bonds alone is a mistake.

First, the buy and hold routine is dead. One look at the S&P 500 over the past 15 years is enough to prove this point. See for yourself…

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Fifteen years of up, down, up, down and up again is no way to plan for retirement.

Pure and simple, this market has devastated millions of would-be retirees. I know, because I used to work with them personally.

In 2008, I was working with wealthy families as a Financial Advisor. I met with dozens of new clients and, while each had unique needs and means, most began our strategy meetings the same way:

“Last year, we were ready to retire. But this year… well… it’s just not gonna happen.”

These were savers and mostly conservative investors. They were locked into an old-fashioned mindset. Many limited themselves and their investment success by choosing only traditional investments. And they certainly weren’t nimble enough to profit, nor protect themselves, from the market’s wild whipsaws.

I wish I could have offered them Cycle 9 Alert.

Investment Options that YOUR Pension Plan Allows

The good news is, I can offer YOU Cycle 9 Alert… because you, dear reader, are different. Just the fact that you’ve chosen to educate yourself by reading Survive & Prosper tells me you’re open-minded and at the helm of your own ship.

Because, at the end of the day, YOU are responsible for your pension plan… You write the rules. You’re the founder, administrator, custodian and portfolio manager of YOUR retirement plan.

And because I have an investment option you can use… one your pension plan DOES allow…

That is, stock options and my trading service, Cycle 9 Alert. Both should be an integral part of your plan.

Stock options give you one key benefit not found in other instruments – the ability to strictly define and limit risk. That, to me, is priceless in today’s market. Beyond being the best way I’ve found to manage risk, options are an efficient way to capitalize on short-term moves… on both sides of the market. And with my help, through Cycle 9 Alert, it could not be easier for you to execute.

Here’s an example to prove it to you.

I recently sent a trade alert to Cycle 9 Alert’s roughly 1,400 subscribers. I can’t give you the specifics of the trade because that wouldn’t be very fair to my paid readers but I can tell you that I recommended they buy an ETF I’d identified as a hedge against declining stock prices.

Now, just three days later, this investment is up 30%.

That’s because the system I developed for Cycle 9 Alert helps me find investments that will potentially hand us gains when the market’s going up AND when it’s going down.

That’s why, despite broad market weakness, our model portfolio holds four winners out of five open positions… mostly because I only recommend plays in the market’s strongest sectors. While these aren’t impervious to market turndowns, strong sectors hold up much better than the average stock.

That’s what Cycle 9 Alert is all about. We invest in the market’s strongest sectors, stocks and ETFs. We only hold trades for two to three months at a time, just long enough to capture profitable moves when they develop. And we have a war chest of hedging instruments to protect us from the inevitable downturns.

Plus, by using options, we’re able to precisely control the amount of risk we’re willing to take. So ask yourself what your retirement goal is. How do you plan to get there? And is your pension plan giving you the options you need in today’s tough market?

Then consider joining us at Cycle 9 Alert. I’ll help you find low-risk opportunities in the market – whether it’s up, or down.

Start here.



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