Sometimes I sound like a broken record.

If only more people listened to me, things like Japan’s latest stunt wouldn’t come as such a surprise.

And because you DO listen to me, imagine how smart you sound now. I imagine you smiling when a friend pipes up between sips of wine: “How’d you know Japan was in such trouble? You knew months ago!”

What is Japan doing?

They’re literally giving houses away.


They have 54 million total homes. Eight million of them are empty!

That’s 15%!


This is just more confirmation that Japan is dying, and I warned this would happen more than two decades ago.

Listen to today’s video to hear how I was able to make this forecast so long ago, why Japan is a dead man walking, and why you should care

But guess who tops Japan on the empty-homes point…?

It’s a place where 50 million homes are empty. Where 27% of urban homes are hooked up to electricity, but empty!

Listen to find out.

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Harry Dent
Harry studied economics in college in the ’70s, but found it vague and inconclusive. He became so disillusioned by the state of the profession that he turned his back on it. Instead, he threw himself into the burgeoning New Science of Finance, which married economic research and market research and encompassed identifying and studying demographic trends, business cycles, consumers’ purchasing power and many, many other trends that empowered him to forecast economic and market changes.