I believe the Second Wave Cycle can help you grow your wealth in the second half of 2019 and beyond.

In the video Harry sent you on Monday, I described the Second Wave Cycle as a way to get into hot profit trends through a unique window of opportunity when prices are low so you can really maximize your profits.

And that’s particularly powerful for trends driven by lots of hype.

I’m talking about events where certain assets climb to unrealistic valuations after they’ve been pumped-up by investors and the media.

In the past, these were things like the biotech boom in the late 80s… the dot-com boom in the late 90s… housing in the 2000s… FAANG stocks in the 2010s… and many more.

If you’d used the Second Wave Cycle to trade trends like these, your results could have been incredible.

Paying the Price, Reaping the Rewards

In developing this tool, I put my own money on the table. Nothing motivates success better when it’s your own hard-earned cash at stake, right? As I worked out the teething problems, there was some pain… but the system began to yield stunning results.

For example, after the Second Wave Cycle pointed me to Odyssey Marine, which had been a treasure hunting firm. This company was ripped off by the American government (to the tune of $500 million)… so it changed tack and got into underwater mining.

Most investors wrote them off as they made the switch. My research and the Second Wave Cycle showed me otherwise. So, I bought the stock when it was trading at $4 a share. And when the time came, I sold it at $13 a share. I got in when it was beaten down and made 225%.

Another example came after Hurricane Harvey, which I lived through. With 50 inches of rain, I was stuck in my house so I logged onto my trading account and bought call options on GM and Ford, because I knew hundreds of thousands of cars would need to be replaced.

That number turned out to be 500,000. I doubled my money on GM in just over two weeks and earned a quick 50% on Ford. I also bought call options on KBHomes at the same time. There were 40,000 people displaced and Houston needed a lot of new construction. I made another 50% on that.

Here’s the thing…

These are “hype-driven” booms and ignored sectors…

And they’re happening more and more frequently. Think about it. In just the last few years, we’ve had Bitcoin, 3D printing, Big Data, the Internet of Things (IoT), cloud computing, you name it.

But in addition to happening more frequently, noted Venture Capitalist Matt Turck, says these events are also occurring, “Much faster, with the time between boom and bust going from years to mere months. They’re also more pronounced, with sharper spikes that feel like instant bubbles.”

This is happening for two reasons:

1) The increased pace of technological innovation; and
2) The increased connectivity of our world.

These days the hype surrounding a new technology or sector can go global within seconds thanks to social media. As Matt Turck puts it, “everyone around the globe now reads the same press and social feeds in real time.” So, people can pile their money into a new trend from all over the world.

Here’s what this means for you: Today, there are more opportunities to make money using the Second Wave Cycle than ever before. And the profit potential is far greater. Even better news, I have identified three new investments that are ripe for the picking.


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Rodney Johnson
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