An article caught my eye earlier this week: 102-year old John “Sonny” Franzese, a former Colombo crime family member, incarcerated for 50 years for refusing to rat on his friends, is finally speaking out. This, on the heels of the Francesco “Frank” Cali murder on March 14 – the first killing of a New York mob boss in more than 30 years – got me thinking about the infamous Great Depression group.

Despicable people.

Smart too.

In the pre-depression bubble, they cornered the bootleg booze market. Their cash profits were staggering. Then, when the markets and economy went tits up in 1929, they took on the banking sector. Because they had piles of cash, they lent when no one else would, at rates of 20% or more. Desperate businesses made desperate choices. And when they couldn’t pay back, the mafia took over their operations. By the time things began turning around, they had scooped up so many opportunities, they were perfectly positioned to become even richer.

In short, they were so financially smart, they took advantage of the sale of a lifetime that opened in front of them.

That same opportunity is now in front of us.

Listen to my latest video to hear more details about the opportunities ahead, when and how to start preparing, and why you should take a page from the mafia’s playbook (without breaking any laws or knocking anyone off, of course).

Also in today’s video, I elaborate on three principles you must focus on between now and 2020. And I share two other, less radical but equally inspirational, examples of how investors and businesses took advantage of the last sale of a lifetime.

Watch now.

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Harry Dent
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