More than 70% of the world is covered by water, so why aren’t more people talking about the riches to be found under the sea?

I don’t know the answer, but that’s OK. It means more profit opportunities for us.

As we’ve mentioned over the last several weeks, we’re all about finding outside-the-box ways to increase returns, which is why we’ve lined up a great guest speaker roster for our Irrational Economic Summit this fall.

In addition to the annual in-person insight provided by Harry, Adam, myself and the rest of the Dent Research crew, we’ve invited experts in space exploration, cryptocurrency, and marine exploration, among other topics, to speak about their uncommon, and potentially lucrative, fields.

We’ll dive into the details (no pun intended) to determine if these endeavors are the real deal, or just hype.

One presenter will be Odyssey Marine Exploration (Nasdaq: OMEX) CEO Mark Gordon. He leads a company that once focused on finding shipwrecks and treasure (legally), but has turned its attention to deep-sea mining.

I spoke with him last month for an interview that we first released to Boom & Bust Elite subscribers. It was an insightful conversation on an interesting concept, so for this one rare occasion, we thought we’d share it here, and offer everyone a taste of the ideas we’ll talk about at the summit October 12-14 in Nashville, Tennessee.

I’ll interview a few more of our presenters, including RealVision founder Raoul Pal and cryptocurrency expert Michael Terpin, exclusively for Boom & Bust Elite subscribers as we get closer to the summit.

In this interview, I spoke with Mark about Odyssey’s history, the company’s pivot to mining, the specific valuables that lay at the bottom of the oceans, and the opportunities and challenges involved in the industry.


Rodney Johnson
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