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A Safe Asset Slaughter

The financial crisis of 2008 went down in history as one of the most earth-shattering market crashes ever experienced. America was left in ruins, and it took years to rebuild from the devastation. But thankfully, it’s over. Our debts have been deleveraged, the economy has stabilized and our financial future looks bright going forward. Right?

No Market Correction In Sight

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In fact, when economists claim this to be true, they couldn’t be more wrong.‘ When they tell you about 4% GDP growth, a real estate rebound, and low levels of inflation – you are only hearing half the story. The U.S. economy is actually in very dangerous territory. More dangerous than anything we’ve seen since the Great Depression.

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Much of the Main Street media and many Wall Street pundits are still preaching inflation. Americans go out in their thousands, splashing cash on new houses, cars and every gadget under the sun because getting credit is easier once more, and they believe prices will soon sky rocket.

But this is not the case. Inflation is not coming. We are 7 years into the most massive money printing scheme in history. It only takes 12 to 18 months for this money to move into the financial system… but we still don’t have inflation. Why is that?

Gold Reaches Record Low

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It’s time to be realistic and truthful about the state of our economy. Because by burying our heads in the sand and ignoring the facts in front of us, we are not allowing ourselves to fully prepare for the upcoming crisis. We are not making wise investment choices. We are slowly digging our own financial graves.

The next 6-9 months are crucial. America will experience the final and most devastating phase of the ongoing financial crisis. One of the world’s most popular investments will begin to turn sour, and its $5.47 trillion bubble will pop. The market’s safest and most popular investment will become the most dangerous and toxic one. Never seen before on this scale in our lifetime, this destructive force will shatter our economy, tearing through all markets, sectors and industries.

Thankfully, it’s not all doom and gloom. Because even as America unravels, debts soar, markets retreat, taxes skyrocket and incomes shrink… there are still ways you can profit from the coming fallout, through a specific “decline-related” investment that flies when everything else fails. This one investment thrives when there’s chaos, and soars when the market sinks.

Using this knowledge you can start preparing now so you don’t make the fatal mistake of piling into the wrong investments for all the wrong reasons…like the millions of investors who will lose their shirts when they find out. Now is the time to prepare and protect against financially devastating stock market losses and find the right investment strategy to create a legacy of wealth during the meltdown. In short, you will be able to turn this into the most lucrative and rewarding time of your life.


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