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Harry Dent: You Gotta Have A System

As Adam likes to say: “Investors Suck Wind.” He has studies showing the average investor earns annual gains of 5.2% vs. the 9.9% returned on stocks overall – that’s just


Invest Actively – Easy Gains are Gone

The equity markets recently reached all-time highs. Did you celebrate? Because I didn’t, and as far as I can tell, neither did anyone else. No party hats or leftover confetti


Inequality Killed Brazil and It’s Happening Here Too

There is no need to look any further than Brazil to understand how important navigating your own financial future is for you and your family. When the hinges come off

Demographic Trends

Be Nimble or Be Banished to History

I wrote an article back on July 7 called “Bond Bubble to Burst.” It’s an important topic. I’ve been predicting for a long time that 10-year Treasury bond yields could


A Goat or a Rockstar?

On top of the world It ended up being our best trade ever. We banked a 225% profit in two months, turning $5,000 into $16,250. That’s $11,250 in cold-cash profits.


How to Shield Yourself From Housing Bubble 2.0

Waiting out Bubble 1.0 I moved to Florida in 2005, just before the housing bubble peaked. Believing that prices couldn’t remain high, we bought a smaller home than we otherwise would


You Suck Wind. We’re Here to Help.

Around Christmas 2012 I came into a chunky quarterly bonus about $5K more than I expected, which for me at the time was a small windfall. Just enough unexpected cash,


Don’t Worry America – The Fed Has Only Your Interests at Heart

I regularly write about the Fed, but I generally limit my focus to its policy decisions and their effect upon the broader markets. The Fed, or more specifically, the Federal

Nobody Wants a Stupid Kid – Here’s How to Start a Proper College Fund

Nothing – and I mean nothing – will change your life as dramatically as the birth of your first child. It’s a wonderful moment and one that I hope everyone
Foreign Markets

China’s Property Bubble Echoes Subprime Crisis

The menacing fury of economic triggers that began piling up after the Great Recession are only getting larger and we can’t do much but watch it unfold and stay alert.