The Real Reason I’m Banned from TV

I used to get invited on all the major American news networks and a fairly regular basis…

But then one day, the invites stopped coming.

They started calling me a “perma-bear” and a “doom and gloomer”… despite the fact that for the majority of my career I’ve been bullish…

And everytime one of my predictions DID come true, they’d all act as if no one saw it coming.

Except me, that is (which they’ll never admit).

Like when I gave a major sell signal for gold and silver on April 25th, 2011.

I nailed the exact top in silver at $48… and a few months later, gold plunged from it’s high of $1,934 all the way down to $1,180 an ounce in early 2013.

Or the fact that I’d been saying for years that oil would see a major collapse.

I wrote to my readers: “As you can see in the oil chart, I expect it to bounce significantly sometime [in 2016], but it will eventually slump back down… and it’s downhill momentum could carry it to as low as $10 a barrel. I don’t think we’ll see that low [in 2016] though, but $20 is a possibility by early 2017.

Oil broke immediately down to $26 in early 2016, even lower than my forecast of $32. We’re seeing the price bounce as anticipated (and past my initial $60 target)… but I expect the rally won’t last for long and we’ll see it turn down sharply sometime in the next several months.

I was right about my prediction of the rising US dollar in 2016… I’ve been right about my forecast in 10-Year U.S. Treasury Bond yields…

And to the surprise of many analysts… “no one could have possibly predicted this.”

Oh, right. Except me. Again.

Here’s the truth about why they don’t invite me on their shows anymore…

My research doesn’t fit the narrative they want to promote!

But I’m not here to make the media’s advertising sponsors happy…

I’m here to help people protect and grow their wealth through what I believe will be challenging times ahead.

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